More organizations are experiencing an escalating need to train employees faster, help them to perform better and enable them to adapt quickly to change. With today's working environment comprising long working hours, constantly fluctuating markets, and ever-changing regulations, mobile learning is the solution to employees stay on top of their training requirements.

When Every Minute Counts

Mobl21 makes use of the fact that every free minute is a learning opportunity. By using the medium of technology already available to your employees, you can enable 24/7 access to vital training and communication anytime, anywhere. An award-winning application Mobl21 delivers critical "learning bites" in the form of interactive study guides, flashcards and animations. Employees can access and review on-the-go material from their mobile devices (iPhones, iPods, Androids, Blackberrys), laptops or on desktop computers through widgets and social networks.

Launch mobile learning in your organization today in any of the following ways:

Work with us for a customized Mobl21 Learning Program

Get Mobl21 expertise on every step of your mobile learning program. You can learn how to create your own mobile learning content or let our experts create unique and engaging training material for you. We'll also help integrate Mobl21 with your existing systems, so you can easily manage your Mobl21 Learning Program through our unique CREATE, SHARE, CONNECT & MEASURE® implementation method.

Do-It-Yourself with our Mobl21 Learning Platform

With the Mobl21 learning platform, you can easily create, edit and deliver material in just a few steps. Mobl21 provides you with pre-designed templates to quickly create content, which you can then send to your employees. You can even add video, audio, images and animations, without any hassle.