Higher Education

Today's students are experiencing a more dynamic, "unstructured" way of absorbing information. And technology is what's helping them get it. iPhones, iPods, Androids, Blackberrys, websites or even Facebook students are using technology everyday to learn and study.

An award-winning application, Mobl21 is designed to take advantage of the 3-R's of mobile learning: Review-Refresh-Reinforce. Learning on mobile devices has been found to be more effective if used to deliver short lessons (review), highlight the important points (refresh) and test learning recollection (reinforce). Our Mobl21 content framework enables teachers to take advantage of behaviorist learning pedagogies, using study guides, flashcards and quizzes to help students perform better.

Get your mobile learning program in action. Here are the ways in which Mobl21 can help you get things rolling.

No time to create your own content?
Buy pre-designed, validated material from the Mobl21 Store.

In association with the top educational publishers in the country, Mobl21 provides pre-packaged, learning material through its web-based, Mobl21 Store. As a user of Mobl21 you'll be able to search, preview and download lessons using this store, (which can be shared used as is, or edited) and shared with your students.

Looking for advanced assistance and system integration?
Work with us for a customized Mobl21 Learning Program.

Get Mobl21 expertise on every step of your mobile learning program. You can learn how to create your own mobile learning content or let our educational experts create unique and engaging learning material for you. We'll also help integrate Mobl21 with your existing systems, so you can easily manage your Mobl21 Learning Program through our unique CREATE, SHARE, CONNECT & MEASURE® implementation method.

Ready to manage your mobile learning program?
Do-It-Yourself with our easy-to-use Mobl21 Learning Platform.

With the Mobl21 learning platform, you can easily create, edit and deliver content in just a few steps. Mobl21 provides you with pre-designed templates to quickly make stacks of flashcards and quizzes, which you can then send to your students. You can even add video, audio, images and animations, without any hassle.